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CHINA: Country Urged to Review One Child Policy

Radio Australia on 6 November reported that prior to the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, UNFPA's Mr. Arie Hoekman was interviewed on China’s family planning policy. He is quoted saying, “…(Ageing)….Might actually be proven to become a positive impact, if you were to look at it as a longevity dividend. But its more in terms of the underlying reproductive capacity of the society that in the end China will have to raise the question of how to deal with population policies and it may eventually have to come to the conclusion as many other countries have done in the past that it needs to devise policies that are actually conciliatory policies, policies that are meant to promote to encourage people to have the number of children that they would like to have in order to continue their reproductive roles in society.” Listen in English: Radio Australia

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