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SYRIAN ARAB REPUBLIC: UNFPA Cooperation Called “Fruitful”

Sana-Syria on 12 December reported that UNFPA has actively participated, for the second time, in the workshop organized by the Syrian Parliament on the role of  parliamentarians in improving the monitoring and evaluation mechanisms of development and humanitarian response programmes.

His Excellency, the Head of the Parliament, Mr. Jehad Al-Laham, emphasized and commented on the fruitful cooperation with UNFPA in relation to population issues including reproductive health, youth and gender in order to increase the awareness of the affected people and enhance the assistance delivered to them.

During the opening speech, UNFPA Assistant Representative, Mr. Omar Ballan, highlighted  the prominent  role of monitoring and evaluation in enhancing humanitarian response plans and increasing the effectiveness, efficiency and quality of service in a way that ensures the timely delivery of humanitarian assistance to the people most in need. Read in Arabic: Sana-Syria

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