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UNITED KINGDOM: Global Health Is Key

The Lancet on 5 April published a piece on global health. One of the authors was UNFPA Executive Director Babatunde Osotimehin. “A proliferation of complex challenges to development, such as political conflict, economic austerity, and environmental degradation, all demand attention, but should not deflect from recognising that good health is central to advancing global prosperity. Development is about improving people's lives. A population cannot progress if it is burdened with ill-health. Good health is the foundation on which communities and nations can and do flourish. A healthy, educated population is one of the major engines of development-and one of its most universally valued outcomes. Whatever framework for development is agreed upon for the post-2015 era, people must be at the centre…Sustainable development is fundamentally a question of people's opportunity to influence their future, claim their rights, and voice their concerns. This is all the easier if a population is in good health. The post-2015 development agenda must recognise this and give due prominence to advancing global health. People are at the centre of development, but better still, let's make that healthy people.”

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