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TURKMENISTAN: Celebrating Youth

Neutral Turkmenistan, Dashoguz Habarlary and Dashoguz Radio on 10 June reported on the commemoration of the World No Tobacco Day and early celebration of International Youth Day, where nearly 1,600 young people country-wide participated in the edutainment event “Brain-Ring” to gauge their knowledge on bad habits and its influence on adolescent reproductive health. The event was organized in four major cities by UNFPA, jointly with the Youth Organization of Turkmenistan and the Ministry of Education of Turkmenistan. “Prosperous Future is in the hands of Healthy Youth” was the slogan for the event, where six teams from higher education institutes and colleges in each city competed in the thematic game. Questions covered such issues as the historical origin of bad habits, interesting facts and legislation in Turkmenistan and worldwide, as well as prevention of STIs/HIV and the influence of bad habits on adolescent reproductive health.

Students in the audience actively participated in the quiz sessions; moreover, presented their own advice and success stories on leading a healthy lifestyle, quitting bad habits and promoting healthy lifestyles among their peers.  Read in Russian: Turkmenistan.gov

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