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BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA: Fighting Violence Against Women

Multiple media outlets on 8 June reported on the study 'Prevalence and characteristics of violence against women in BiH' launched by the representatives of the Gender Centres of FBiH and RS, BiH Agency for Gender Equality, Statistical Institutes of FBiH and RS, UN Women and UNFPA in Sarajevo. UNFPA Director for Bosnia, Kosovo, FYRoM and Serbia, Ms. Doina Bologa, stressed that UNFPA is actively working on combating violence against women in order to allow a dignified life for every women. "The issue of gender equality and violence against women, UNFPA observes from the perspective of reproductive rights because it is proven that domestic violence and sexual violence against women are not problem that affect only them directly but also it affects the society at large with long-lasting consequences" Ms. Bologa said. She added that many studies conducted worldwide have shown that the costs arising from domestic violence, namely from violence against women, are more than the cost of treatment of certain malignant diseases. "I hope that these initiatives, which have been started, will be included in the legislation at all levels of government in Bosnia and Herzegovina" concluded Ms. Bologa. Read in Bosnian:  Klix, Avaz, Hayat, Cafe.baMojevijesti, Bljesak, Radio Rebrenik, RTVslon

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