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TOGO: UNFPA Funds Workshop to Disseminate Analysis

Multiple media outlets on 22 August reported that the Ministry of Health, through the National Health Service of Youth and Adolescents (SNSJA),  organized a dissemination workshop of the "situational analysis document of youth centers, school and university infirmaries in Togo."

Funded by UNFPA Togo, the workshop provided an opportunity to make an inventory of the situation of sexual and reproductive health of adolescents and youth and to present to the authorities, policy makers and stakeholders, the findings and recommendations of the study. The workshop was opened by Mr. Bouwassi Kédéssa Dacha, representing the Minister of Health, the Office In Charge of UNFPA Togo and the Representative of WHO. Read in French: Sante Education, Icilome.com, Focus Info

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