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KYRGYZSTAN: Talking About Sex

Paruskg.info on 5 September reported that according to experts, one of the reasons for cases of teenage pregnancy in Kyrgyzstan is the lack of sex education in school. Now the Kyrgyz government is taking steps to resolve the issue. According to the National Statistical Committee of the Kyrgyz Republic, the birth rate among girls aged 15-17 years is increasing: in 2006, 4.4 in 1,000 girls in that age group had given birth, while in 2011 the figure was 7.2 per 1,000. The majority of teenage pregnancies in Kyrgyzstan occur among girls in rural areas. Last month, UNFPA in Kyrgyzstan started an information campaign attended by popular actors - Gulnur Satylganova, Kanykei, Nurbek Savitahunov and Omar Janish. These celebrities talked about their own experiences of adolescence in an initiative to develop a sense of personal responsibility for sex, pregnancy and childbearing. Read in Russian: Paruskg.info

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