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BANGLADESH: Invest in Girls to Bring About Sustainable Change

Multiple media outlets on 11 October published an op-ed by UNFPA's Argentina P. Matavel Piccin, in observance of International Girl Child Day. "Child brides often lack access to health information. Because their bodies are not ready to cope with pregnancy and childbirth and this makes them more vulnerable to serious injury and death in childbirth -- the leading cause of death in girls. Child brides are also more likely to experience domestic violence and to live in poverty than women who marry later. Moreover, child marriage perpetuates poverty by keeping girls, their children and their communities poor. To bring about sustainable change, we first need to provide greater options for girls by investing in them. Continuing education and retention in schools delays child marriage and creates better employment options for future. Girls’ education helps to break the inter-generational poverty cycle." Read in English: Daily Sun, Daily Star and New Age

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