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UKRAINE: Country to Implement Women Quotas for Political Parties

Facenews.ua on 25 October reported that it is expected that after the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement signing, every Ukrainian political party will be required to have at least 1/3 of women among its members. This initiative raises a lot of questions especially from male politicians. Recently, the government initiated a draft law aimed to facilitate the employment of women on maternity leave and with small children through the mechanisms of distant and part time work from home. But ideas of gender equality are also spreading to the sphere of politics. This week, the Minister of Social Policy of Ukraine Ms. Korolevska announced that the government supports the idea of gender quotas for the political parties’ electoral lists to run for the parliament and local councils. According to official data regarding the amount of women working for the government and other state bodies, Ukraine holds the 118th place among the 180 countries in the international women representation ranking. In terms of gender equality, Ukraine holds the 64th place out of 135. In her speech at Verhovna Rada of Ukraine earlier, UNFPA Representative Ms. Nuzhat Ehsan said that Ukraine does not follow European standards of gender equality. Ukrainian women constitute 54% of the population, but there are less that 10% of women in the parliament now, and their social and political role is marginal. Read in Russian: Facenews.ua

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