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KYRGYZSTAN: Workshop held to improve reporting on family violence

Kabar.kg on 18 November reported on a two-day workshop being conducted by UNFPA in cooperation with the training centre for judges at the Supreme Court and the Centre for the Study of Democratic Processes. Based on the results of UNFPA’s monitoring and analysis on the issue of family violence, the main reasons for the lack of information in this area are: a poor system of primary departmental accounting of cases of family violence and the low level of awareness among producers of statistics and designated offices on gender, gender policy and gender statistics. The seminar aims to strengthen the capacity and knowledge of the regional and district levels of the judicial system responsible for the collection of administrative statistics and reporting of family violence and gender crimes. Participants will become familiar with international obligations and the national gender policy, the law on social and legal protection of victims of family violence, and examine the regulatory framework of the judicial system for collecting gender statistics and reporting skills. This is one of a series of seminars under the gender programme of UNFPA to improve the system of collecting departmental data on family violence. Read in Russian: Kabar.kg

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