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NEPAL: Suicide is Leading Cause of Death Among Women of Reproductive Age

Nepali Times reported on 12 February that according to a report published by the Family Health Division (Ministry of Health and Population), suicide is the leading cause of death among women of reproductive age in Nepal. The article referred to a 2008 report by UNFPA and the NGO Saathi that found over 80 percent of respondents reported experiencing domestic violence from their husbands and other family members. Michiyo Yamada, Gender Programme Officer at UNFPA Nepal said, “Mental violence at home is virtually impossible to prove. But it can be speculated that this could lead to feelings of helplessness and desperate measures." Kiran Bhatia, Gender Advisor at UNFPA (APRO) said, “The upward trend in suicide can be avoided. Every suicide is a cry for help; an unmet need for urgent intervention for a woman who is trapped in a situation where she has reached the limit of her capacity to cope with violence, abuse and discrimination. These women desperately need support.” Read: Nepali Times

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