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PARAGUAY: Some Progress in SRH But Still More to Do

ABC Colour reported on 29 December, that UNFPA Assistant Representative, Manuelita Escobar Argaña said that one of the most important milestones of the Ministry of Health and UNFPA this year, has been the change in approach in the treatment of adolescent health in the health system. For next year, Escobar said that UNFPA will continue to work with the country and with human resources on the design and strengthening of public policies to address adolescents and youth and those that contribute to safe motherhood. Read in Spanish: ABC Colour


TAJIKISTAN: UNFPA Holds Annual Review

Patriotj.com on 24 December reported that UNFPA Tajikistan held its annual review in the capital city of Dushanbe. At the meeting with partners, UNFPA officials summarized the agency’s activities in 2013, discussed those planned for next year, and identified shortcomings and future priorities. Work done in Tajikistan has helped reduce maternal and child mortality, improve maternal health, prevent new HIV infections among vulnerable groups, and created an integrated response to domestic violence under a new law adopted this year. UNFPA support has also contributed to census data being made available to the public through a specially created website of the Agency for Statistics, and to the carrying out of a Demographic and Health Survey, the first comprehensive study giving a clear picture of the current health status of Tajikistan’s population. “This year has been extremely productive for UNFPA,” said UNFPA Tajikistan Executive Director Aziza Hamidova. “It was a landmark year for the country, during which Tajikistan evaluated its progress and made ​​a contribution to the global post-2015 planning in terms of achieving the Millennium Development Goals and the goals of the International Conference on Population and Development held in Cairo in 1994.” Read in Russian: Patriotj.com


RUSSIAN FEDERATION: Human Development in Bashkortostan Explored

The Institute of Sociology of the Russian Academy of Sciences on 19 December published a press release saying: The Republic of Bashkortostan Bashkir Branch of the Institute of Sociology, with the support of the Government of the Republic of Bashkortostan, the UNDP in the Russian Federation and the UNFPA, presented a report on human development in the Republic of Bashkortostan entitled “Family and human development.” The main purpose of the report, which was prepared by independent groups of experts and specialists, is to show the family’s role in human development and the future of Russia and its subjects. The report looks at the main problems facing families in Bashkortostan and ways to improve social and family policy in the interests of human development. Read in Russian: ISRAS


KOSOVO: Population Forecast 2011-2061 Report Introduced

KOHAnet on 19 December reported that the Statistical Agency of Kosovo (SAK) published its “Kosovo Population Forecast 2011 to 2061” report based on the final results of the 2011 census of population, households and housing. The first publication of this nature in Kosovo, the report was conducted by SAK with the support of UNFPA, and is funded by Trust Fund Census. In his introductory remarks at a conference held to announce the publication’s release, KSA Chief Executive Isa Krasniqi said the report would play an important role in strategic planning to meet economic, social, educational, health and other needs. Read in Albanian: KOHAnet


BELARUS: Family and Marriage Patterns Reveal Changes

Region 4 on 19 December republished a UNFPA article in which experts were interviewed about changes in family and marriage patterns in Belarus, including an increase in the average age of marriage, as well as in the divorce rate; the development of alternative forms of partnership such as civil marriage and cohabitation; and the growing number of births outside wedlock. The article called for opinion polls to be conducted on these issues into order to develop a more effective and targeted family policy. Read in Russian: Region 4


SENEGAL: Youth Summit Organized

Senegal: Preparatory meeting of the 4th Pan-African Youth Summit

The Senegalese Press Agency (APS) reported on 19 December on the meeting of the Steering Committee of the 4th Pan-African Youth Summit, scheduled for 13 to 17 January in Dakar. The summit is organized by the Network of Young Leaders from Africa and the Diaspora (ROJALNU), in collaboration withUNFPA and UNAIDS. At the opening of the meeting of the Steering Committee, the Resident Representative of UNFPA Senegal called upon governments to meet young people’s needs of health and education, to ensure that this segment of the population does not become "a time bomb "in the coming years. Read in French: APS

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DENMARK: UNFPA Advocate Featured in Hour-long Programme

On 17 December, the national public service television station DR.DK presented hour long coverage on the highlights of 2013 that the Danish Royal Family participated in. HRH Crown Princess Mary's visit to the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan with UNFPA this summer was presented some 12.32 minutes into the coverage. HRH Crown Princess Mary states that it is important to spread awareness on the rights and situation of the refugees, and further highlights the importance of continued collaboration with the international community. Read in Danish: DR.DK


BURKINA FASO: Family Planning Programme Moves Forward

Sidwaya on 17 December reported that  an annual review has been organized by the UNFPA Burkina Faso Country Office. The purpose of the meeting is to review the activities of its Country Programme with the government and its partners. During the opening ceremony, Country Office Representative, Dr. Mamadou Kante, noted that on family planning, Burkina Faso has made great strides.


BURKINA FASO: Much Progress Made in Health Sector

Le Pays on 16 December reported on the Burkina UNFPA Country office annual review which took place on 12 December. This midterm review was an opportunity to assess progress made and to make decisions in order to achieve the objective of the country programme. During the opening ceremony, the UNFPA Burkina Faso Country Office Representative Dr. Mamadou Kante stressed that much progress have been made in the health sector.


YEMEN: Celebrating “16 days of activism” and “ICPD beyond 2014”

Multiple media outlets (print, TV, and radio) from 9-14 December continued reporting on UNFPA’s celebrations on the occasion of the “16 days of activism against gender violence.”  They quoted UNFPA’s representative to Yemen Ms. Lene K. Christiansen in a number of articles. Read in English: National Yemen Read and Watch in Arabic: YouTube, 14 October, 26 Sep, 14 October, Yemen TV, Althawra News, 14 October, Sabanews, Barakish, iNewsArabia


BELARUS: Demographic Trends Discussed

Economic Newspaper on 13 December interviewed UNFPA senior specialist in programme activities Tatiana Pronko about changes in family and marriage patterns and related trends in demography, as well as the impacts of culture, history and socioeconomic policy on the family. Topics discussed included reasons behind the increase in the average age of marriage, as well as in the divorce rate; the development of alternative forms of partnership such as civil marriage and cohabitation; trends in births outside wedlock, and the rising percentage of men and women age 50 and over who have never married. Read in Russian: Economic Newspaper


YEMEN: Helping Fistula Patients

14 October on 13 December reported that the National Midwives Association concluded a UNFPA-supported 7-day handicraft training for obstetric fistula patients. Those patients who came from across the country received treatment in AL-Thawrah Hospital. The training targeted those patients who has been abandoned by their husbands and the ones who did not have a breadwinner. The training was aimed to equip those vulnerable  women with necessary skills so they could depend on themselves and build their confidence. Read in Arabic: 14 October, 14 October


YEMEN: Midwife Training Concludes

14 October newspaper on 13 December reported that the National Midwives Association, with support from UNFPA, concluded a training on fistula for 20 midwives who worked in hospitals and medical institutions in Sana’a. The training is considered the 11th that targeted 119 midwives so far. Read in Arabic: 14 October, 14 October


YEMEN: “16 days activism” Campaign Closed

14 October newspaper reported on 13 December that the Yemeni Women Union, with UNFPA support, concluded its activities carried out during the “16 days of activism against gender violence” campaign. The activities took place in a number of governorates. In one event, three journalists winners were awarded on their best writings on early marriage. The competition was supported by UNFPA. Read in Arabic: 14 October, 14 October


GEORGIA: UNFPA Hosts Youth Event

Georgia Today reported on 13 December that the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in Georgia hosted the event Youth for Development and Human Rights at  Zurab Tsereteli Museum of Modern Art. The event was  held within the framework of the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-based Violence campaign and marked International Human Rights Day emphasizing  the role of youth in development and promotion of human rights in Georgia. An award ceremony was held. UNFPA Georgia in partnership with the Ministry of Youth and Sports Affairs of Georgia awarded winners of the youth contests.

The panel of judges selected winning entries among the newspaper articles, blog posts and multimedia material that were  focused on the youth issues. “The contest was spread wide in order to give more freedom and angles to the participants to show and present their opinion regarding a broad array of issues covering youth development and rights, such as participation, reproductive health and rights and domestic violence/gender-based violence,” stated  Ms. Lela Bakradze, Programme Analyst at UNFPA Georgia. Read in English: Georgia Today


RUSSIAN FEDERATION: Survey Reveals Lack of Contraceptive Knowledge Amongst Youth

Multiple news outlets on 12 December reported on a press conference held to present the UNFPA’s 2013 report “Motherhood in Childhood: Facing the challenge of adolescent pregnancy,” with emphasis on the situation of young mothers in the Russian Federation, as revealed by a large-scale reproductive-health survey conducted in 60 regions of the country with financial support from UNFPA. The survey looked at whether respondents were sexually active, the use they make of health services, and their level of support for sex education in schools, among other topics. The survey revealed a lack of knowledge among adolescents about methods of preventing unwanted pregnancies, with 25 percent of respondents aged 15-19 saying they did not have sufficient knowledge about contraception to judge the effectiveness of available methods. Overall, the rate of adolescent pregnancy in Russia is lower than in Eastern Europe and higher than in Western Europe. Read in Russian: MK.ru and Vsya-Russia


YEMEN: “Violence Against Women” Activities Concluded

Sabanews on 11 December reported that the Yemen Family Care Association, with the support of UNFPA, concluded different activities that were carried out during the “16 days of activism against gender violence.” Those activities took place in three Governorates: Aden, Lahj and Abyan. Read in Arabic: Sabanews


YEMEN: Awareness Sessions Held in Schools

Aden Alghad on 11 December reported that the Yemeni Family Care Association and Alsamood Women and Social Association, with the support of UNFPA, held an awareness session in a school targeting 30 young men and women. The session was about reproductive health, early pregnancy, early marriage, and violence against women. The session was one of 50 awareness sessions that had been carried out in Lahj, Aden and Abyan governorates in which 1,250 community members participated.  Read in Arabic: Adenalghad



JORDAN: UN Envoy Visits Al-Za’tri Refugee Camp

Petra New Agency and Al-Madina news agency reported on 10 and 11 December on the informal visit of Ahmad Hindawi, the UN Secretary General’s Envoy on Youth, to UNFPA women centres in Za’tri camp for Syrian refugees.

During this visit, Al-Hindawi inaugurated the fourth women's centre for UNFPA Jordan in Al-Za’tri, in which he had briefs from the UNFPA Assistant Representative, IRC and participants from the Y-Peer network. Read in Arabic: Petra News Agency, Almadenah News


KAZAKHSTAN: AIDS Campaign Concludes with Film Screening

Multiple media outlets on 10 December reported on World AIDS Campaign events in Almaty that were co-organized by the UNFPA and concluded with a premiere screening in the U.N. building of the film “Dream, dream...” by famous national director Ruben Ghazarian. The movie’s plot revolves around the fate of a teenager who contracts HIV and has to deal with adult problems at a young age. Other events carried out countrywide as part of the campaign, which was held from 10 November to 11 December 2013 and organized under the slogan “Getting to zero. Zero new HIV infections. Zero discrimination. Zero AIDS-related deaths,” included workshops and flash mobs that aimed to improve awareness of HIV infection and increase tolerance toward people living with HIV. Read in Russian: News Headline, News Mail, Sim


JAMAICA: Tackling Teen Pregnancy

Multiple media outlets on 9 and 10 December reported on a high-level regional consultation on adolescent pregnancy in the Caribbean. The meeting was organized by the Caribbean Community and UNFPA. UNFPA's Babatunde Osotimehin is quoted in multiple articles discussing the challenges of teen pregnancy, the importance of youth human as well as sexual and reproductive health and rights and the need for comprehensive sex education. "We at the UNFPA believe that comprehensive sexual education must be a part of education. The ability for the girl to understand, the ability for the girl to access correct information and the ability for the girl to access services if she does require it is a basic right she must have” he said. Read in English: Antigua Observer, Trinidad Express, The Guardian, Antigua Observer, Xinhua, UN Radio, OPM, CP News1, Caricom, Caribbean News Now, STA Campus News, Antigua Chronicle


TAJIKISTAN: Mass Rally Marks World AIDS Day

Nc-aids.tj on 9 December reported that a mass rally was held 7 December in Dushanbe to mark World Day Against AIDS. The event was the conclusion of a series of informational and educational activities conducted in different regions of the country by employees of HIV service organizations. The rally was organized by the Ministry of Health in collaboration with the Joint UN Project on Advocacy on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS, UNDP, UNFPA, UNICEF) and was attended by medical professionals from Dushanbe, students and teachers from medical schools, and representatives of civil society and a number of international organizations. Read in Russian: Nc-aids.tj


UZBEKISTAN: International Partners Support Programmes on Maternal and Child Health

Turkiston-press on 9 December reported that Uzbek officials from the Ministry of Health were briefed on a project organized with the support of UNICEF and the European Union to improve the knowledge and skills of health workers as pertains to providing maternal and child health services. The head of the UNICEF office in Uzbekistan, Robert Fuderich, said that “in support of this project we are working in close partnership with not only the EU but also the UNFPA and the German Society for Technical Assistance.” Read in Russian: Turkiston-press


BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA: Teachers Attend Workshop on Healthy Lifestyles

Radiosarajevo on 9 December reported that UNFPA recently began to provide support to the XY Association for the project “Training of teachers in Sarajevo primary schools about healthy lifestyles with a focus on reproductive health.” As part of this project, four workshops were held for principals and teachers at primary schools in the capital city. These workshops provided an opportunity to present the efforts, activities and accomplishments of the UNFPA and the XY Association in the field of sexual and reproductive health (SRH), and to discuss the new subject of “Healthy lifestyle” that was introduced into the curriculum of Sarajevo primary schools at the start of the 2013/2014 school year. Read in Bosnian: Radiosarajevo


YEMEN: Celebrating “16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence”

Multiple media outlets on 9 December reported on the UNFPA’s press conference that took place on the occasion of concluding the “16 days of activism against gender violence.” UNFPA Yemen Representative  Ms. Lene K. Christiansen was quoted. Read in Arabic: Althawra News, 14 October, Saba News, Barakish


JORDAN: HRH Princess Basma Bint Talal Patron for SWOP Launch

Different media outlets reported on 8 and 9 December that Princess Basma Bint Talal, UNFPA Goodwill Ambassador, received the 36th UNFPA report of the State of World Population 2013, entitled “Motherhood in Childhood: Facing the challenge of Adolescent Pregnancy.” During this event, HRH participated in a specialized panel discussion  that addressed the impact of  early marriage and pregnancy  on young girls (15-18 yrs).

Ms. Muna Idris, UNFPA Jordan Assistant Representative, gave a brief presentation of the report which highlighted the main challenges related to adolescent marriage and pregnancy and its serious consequences on girls' education, health, and chances of working for a longer period of time.

During the presentation, Mrs. Idris  talked about percentages and cases of early marriages and pregnancies in Jordan, especially between girls aged 15-18 years, and explained some of the general and exceptional reasons for such ratios. Idris also talked about some cases of early marriages among Syrian refugees in Jordan, and the reasons for this trend from the Syrians point of view. Read in English: Jordan Times Read in Arabic: Petra News Agency , Al Rai, Addustour, Eyas-Center


SWAZILAND: Men Engage Network Launched

The Swazi Observer on 9 December reported on the launch of the Men Engage Network (MEN) Swaziland, a network aimed at increasing the role of men in reproductive health issues and gender-based violence prevention and response. The MEN Swaziland was launched by the Minister of Justice & Constitutional Affairs, Mr. Sibusiso Shongwe, representing the Deputy Prime Minister. The launch of the Network whose vision is “a society of responsible men and boys, girls and women who enjoy equal opportunities, freedom from oppression and a realisation of their full potential,” was supported by UNFPA, NERCHA, SWAGAA, CANGO, PSI and Sonke Gender Justice Network among others. UNFPA Representative, Dr. Hassan Mohtashami gave a presentation on the importance of involving men in reproductive health issues.

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PARAGUAY: Presence Young Project Working Since 2009

ADN PARAGUAYO reported on 9 December that Presence Young, a project of peer education on sexual and reproductive health and human rights, has worked since 2009 in the city of Encarnación and other districts of Itapúa department. In a summary of the work done since the beginning, Sandra Fessler, Presence Young coordinator, said that the joint project with UNFPA and the Ministry of Health resulted in the creation of the first adolescent friendly sexual and reproductive health clinic. Read in Spanish: ADN PARAGUAYO


JORDAN: SWOP Launched by Patron Princess Basma Bint Talal

Multiple media outlets reported on 8 and 9 December that Princess Basma Bint Talal, UNFPA Goodwill Ambassador, launched the 36th UNFPA report of the State of World Population 2013, entitled “Motherhood in Childhood: Facing the challenge of Adolescent Pregnancy.” During the event, HRH participated in a specialized panel discussion  that addressed the impact of  early marriage and pregnancy  on young girls (15-18 yrs).

Ms. Muna Idris, UNFPA Jordan Assistant Representative, gave a brief presentation of the report which highlighted the main challenges related to adolescents marriage and pregnancy and its serious consequences on girls' education, health, and chances of working for a longer period of time. The report also shows UNFPA's global plan of action and suggestions to eliminate and reduce this trend and protect the girls human rights and wellbeing. Read in Arabic and English: Petra News Agency, Al Rai, Jordan Times, Addustour, Eyas Center


YEMEN: 40 Awareness Sessions in Ibb Governorate Carried Out

14 October on 8 December reported on 40 awareness sessions held for community members in the Ibb governorate. The sessions covered reproductive health, risks of early marriage and violence against woman. The sessions lasted for 10 days. This activity is part of many that are taking place during the “16 days of activism against gender violence” campaign. This activities are supported by UNFPA and implemented by its local partner the Yemeni Family Association. Read in Arabic: 14 October