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MOLDOVA: Economic Empowerment Project Comes to a Close

Multiple media outlets reported from 24-28 December on the closing event for the project "Economic Empowerment of Vulnerable Women in R. Moldova" implemented by UNFPA, with the support of a private company. TV channels Moldova 1, ProTV, Prime and Publika reported on the event and quoted Ian McFarlane, UNFPA Country Director in Moldova and Albania, stressed the seriousness of the domestic violence issue in the country – two thirds of women faced this phenomenon and only with a united effort of government, private sector, NGOs and inter-governmental institution can this phenomenon be prevented. He stated that changes should be started in the family with the education of boys and men to respect women. Boris Gilca, UNFPA Programme Coordinator, said in the news that the project, with a total value of 105,000 USD  (20,000 USD from UNFPA and 85,000 USD from the private partner) gave the beneficiaries more than training and equipment, it gave them confidence. Read in Romanian and English: Info-Prim Neo Read and listen in Romanian: Vocea Basarabiei

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