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INDIA: UNFPA Launches RH and Life Skills Education Programme

The Hindu on 1 February and Business Standard on 31 January reported that, the UNFPA and Indian government teamed up to launch a reproductive health and life skills education programme to "fulfil the reproductive rights of young people, women and marginalised communities. The strategy will also impact the status of young girls and women. The five-year plan of co-operation, in-effect from 2013 till 2017, is set to make an important contribution to achieving health objectives articulated in the government’s 12th Five-Year plan, and accelerate progress on international development targets, including the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)." UNFPA Frederika Meijer is quoted saying, “Investing in the health of vulnerable young women and marginalised communities, including tribals and minorities, is a key priority for UNFPA, as we believe that investing in young girls helps break cycles of poverty within families."

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