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BELARUS: Bill Would Allow Doctors to Refuse Abortions

Multiple media on 15 and 16 March reported on a new bill which would all doctors to refuse abortions. The National Centre of Legislation and Legal Research is working on amendments to the “Law On Public Health." According to the amendment, medical officers will have the right to refuse an abortion, unless the abortion is not directly life threatening. Tatiana Haplichnik, the program coordinator of UNFPA in Belarus discussed the situation, “in the world, there are a few basic approaches to abortion. There are countries where abortion is crime in all cases, except for situations that require it to save the woman's life. In some states, abortion is permitted to protect the woman's mental health and for social reasons. So it is difficult to believe that it would be better specifically for Belarus, for our Slavic mentality. And here, I think, an important role is to work with our men. They need to learn to take responsibility for the future of the child, and not to leave your partner alone with unwanted pregnancies. After all, a woman who goes to an abortion in most cases – is a woman who remained without male support.” Read in Russian: NG.by and News.21

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