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UZBEKISTAN: HIV Training Held in Uzbek Region

Uzinform.com and voydod.net on 19 June reported that the National Center for AIDS, UNFPA and NGO "Ishonch va Hayot" organized a training entitled "Support for reproductive health and access to contraception for people living with HIV." The training was attended by people living with HIV, counselors, social workers and multidisciplinary teams from the Center for AIDS in the Namangan, Andijan and Ferghana regions. For two days, an obstetrician-gynecologist from the National Center for AIDS Mamlakat Shermuhamedova and head of NGO "Ishonch va Hayot" Victoria Ashirova familiarized participants with concepts on reproductive health and reproductive rights, tolerant attitudes towards people living with HIV, modern contraception and features of antiretroviral therapy (ART) in pregnant women. “All women and their partners, regardless of their HIV status, have the right to freely decide on the retention or termination of pregnancy, childbirth and contraception" said Gulmira Mirzakarimova, Head of the Health Center at the Namangan Regional Center for AIDS. Read in Russian: Uzinform.com and voydod.net

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