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TURKMENISTAN: Working Towards a Youth Policy

The Government of Turkmenistan on 11 July reported that a new draft law on Youth Affairs in Turkmenistan is currently being prepared. As part of this process, the working group of the national parliament took part in a seminar on the study of best practices and models of youth policy in the European Union. The seminar, organized by UNFPA, provided a platform to discuss basic principles and key elements of youth policy, which are the common denominators for the countries of the European Union and can be included in the bill for Turkmenistan. European Union Expert Marius Ulozas said “We all live in different countries, but we have common goals and objectives, one of which is to prepare young people for adult life. In this regard, it is important to share experiences, particularly with regard to legislation on youth policy.” Read in Russian: Turkmenistan.gov

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